High Sierra Mountain Photos
taken by Frank E. Moore


About the photographer and the collection

This website celebrates the photographs of Frank E. Moore and his love of the high mountains of California's Sierra Nevada.

Frank's journals record his first trip in 1934, sixteen days around the Kaweahs with a friend, after a summer job with the Sequoia and General Grant National Parks Company. Other trips followed in 1937 - ten days four people, 1939 - eleven days four peaks with one friend, and 1941 with his wife. His photographic record starts in 1942.

The mountains provided a change of focus from the constant social connectedness of a newspaper editor - the Redlands Daily Facts. He studied the mountains, accumulating a large collection of USGS topographic maps and several copies of Starr's Guide. The wooden tripod supported a map table as well as a camera. Likewise he studied photography, learning his Weston meter and filters, going in on a Leica in 1951.

About the photo image files

Frank Moore took 35mm slides through the 1960s then transitioned mostly to print. In 2016 his 35mm slides were scanned by Scan Cafe, at 3000 dpi, 24 bit color, with minimal to no cleanup. Those full-size digital scans are used on this website, averaging around 4700 KB. Thumbnails were created with IrfanView.

About the captions and website content

Frank Moore wrote on the border of each 35mm slide, briefly describing the location or content. Roger Moore in 2018 took those original descriptions, and studying maps determined many camera locations and image subjects. Jeffrey Moore in 2019 completed that research and wrote the website captions, using topographic maps, similar images found on the web and PeakVisor.

The rest of the website fell out of that research:

USGS topographic maps still beat most online map representations for visualizing multiple locations at once. But topo work can be confusing, using adjoining maps and different scales and versions. This website's Maps page aids the switching between maps.

Also this website's Places page makes it easier to find most locations on the maps. Most places named in the captions are listed.

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